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A Scot in the ’90s

I am in my mid/late 20’s, my earliest football memories are from the middle of the decade, of ‘Cool Britannia’ and ‘Britpop’. These memories, whilst maybe lacking in detail are rich with emotion and colour. In 1994, Raith Rovers beat the mighty Celtic in the final of the Coca Cola Cup. I have no recollection […]

The Dangers of Hero Worship

The nervous tension has been slowly building since your alarm clock shook you from your slumber this morning, the atmosphere on the much travelled road to the ground has got the blood pumping, you’re running a little late and the queues at the turnstiles are long and snaking, there’s a danger you’ll miss kick off. […]

A Scottish Preview of Euro2012

There are plenty of well researched insightful Euro preview articles out there, this is very much not one of them. Group A Poland: Polish players have been relatively successful in Scottish football and a few of them have been stark ravingly mental. They beat England once and the commentator went off on one shouting about […]

Why All The Hate

Hi there internet, how are you today? Foaming at the mouth with rage? Viciously homophobic? Jaw-droppingly racist? Narcissistic to the point of implosion? All of the above you say? Ah, so just the usual then. That’s what I thought, now shall we continue? Right, anyone out there considering starting a football website or just contributing […]

Safer In The Closet

We live in a tolerant country, a country where people are judged on their individual merits. Not in Great Britain will you be ostracised, discriminated against or abused on the basis of your colour, creed or sexual preference. I know this is true because I am frequently being told it is. No need to look […]

The Revolution Will Be Televised

It’s the year 2025 and the tenth season of the European Super League (ESL) is just around the corner. Anticipation levels are through the roof, especially in Malaysia where this year’s competition will take place. Vodafone Reds of Manchester are the favourites to add to their already impressive collection of Budweiser Bowls. Their local rivals, […]

A Day in the Life of an Extra Official

There are few roles in football so roundly derided as that of the “extra official” or if you prefer the “additional assistant referee”. Reception to Michel Platini’s desperate attempt to ward of the inevitable implementation of technology in this multi-billion pound industry has been, if we’re being kind, mixed. However this is about to change. […]