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Boys Don’t Talk

In general you shouldn’t assign traits a gender. Even positive stereotypes are dangerous as they merely legitimise the negative ones. Having said that…….. Boys don’t talk to each other, girls do. Also girls smell better (but I’m not sure that’s relevant here). Those of us with a Y chromosome really need to follow the trail […]

Why I don’t take anti-depressants

Once people realise that I’m pretty open about my mental illness, and they get over any awkwardness on their part, they quite often ask me about it, human beings being naturally curious creatures and all that. I do get asked a variety of questions but the two that crop up most often are, ‘when did […]

My Stupid Brain

As many of you will know I am mentally ill, I am not ashamed and I really can’t be fucked hiding it, whether online or on one of my rare forays into the real world I am happy to talk about it. There is of course a great deal of misunderstanding surrounding this topic, but […]

Why you’re wrong about suicide.

About a year ago I wrote a piece on depression and how it changed me as a football fan, how my illness had stolen my passion for a game that I was once so passionate about. The response was genuinely touching, people from all walks of life got in contact to empathise and to share […]

How Depression Changed Me as a Football Fan

Those of you who know me in the ‘real world’ may be aware, and a few of my more regular readers may have guessed, but for the rest of you I’ll just come right out and say it. I have clinical depression. It’s not something I am ashamed of and it’s not something I make […]

Inside the Mind of a Football Club Owner

This is football, this is fiction. Or is it? Eh aye it is. If you feel like giving the protagonist of this tale an American, a Middle Eastern or a Russian accent then that’ll work just fine with me. From the mind of an un-named football club owner The mistake you (the great unwashed) make […]

A Day in the Life of an Internet Troll

There is a sub section of the human species whose rank have swelled in numbers in recent times. I talk of course of the infamous ‘Internet Troll’ or ‘keyboard warrior’. But are these individuals really the bottom feeders of humanity or are they simply wholly misunderstood, delicate souls who just want to be loved? To […]