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It’s Raining Again

IT’S RAINING AGAIN   In the last few months I’ve had some of the best days of my adult life, I’ve seen the biggest band in the world play their career defining album, I’ve turned Twitter friends into real friends and it turns out they’re some of the funniest smartest kindest people you could ever […]

What’s the difference?

What’s the difference between me and you? About five bank accounts, three ounces and two vehicles……… wait that’s not right, I’ve barely got enough money for one bank account never mind five, I haven’t done drugs in a long time so have no ounces (unless it’s ounces of flour for baking?) and I don’t drive. […]

Tales From Interesting Minds

I’ve written about mental health (my own) for a while now, if I’m honest I have no fucking idea why I started but it makes me feel better so that’s good I suppose. What is much much better than that though is that what I write genuinely seems to help the people that choose to […]

Boys Don’t Talk

In general you shouldn’t assign traits a gender. Even positive stereotypes are dangerous as they merely legitimise the negative ones. Having said that…….. Boys don’t talk to each other, girls do. Also girls smell better (but I’m not sure that’s relevant here). Those of us with a Y chromosome really need to follow the trail […]

My relationship with food

I’ve been ‘mad’ for a while now, I can’t actually remember how long but it’s not a new thing. I did a pretty good job of hiding it when I thought that hiding it was something that I should do, I put a lot of effort into putting on a façade of normality that tricked […]

Why I don’t take anti-depressants

Once people realise that I’m pretty open about my mental illness, and they get over any awkwardness on their part, they quite often ask me about it, human beings being naturally curious creatures and all that. I do get asked a variety of questions but the two that crop up most often are, ‘when did […]

My Stupid Brain

As many of you will know I am mentally ill, I am not ashamed and I really can’t be fucked hiding it, whether online or on one of my rare forays into the real world I am happy to talk about it. There is of course a great deal of misunderstanding surrounding this topic, but […]