Tales From Interesting Minds

I’ve written about mental health (my own) for a while now, if I’m honest I have no fucking idea why I started but it makes me feel better so that’s good I suppose. What is much much better than that though is that what I write genuinely seems to help the people that choose to read it. I absolutely did not set out to help people, I am far too selfish for something like that, but the way I see it if I can in some way improve people’s lives without too much effort on my part then I’d have to be a massive cunt not to. And whilst I’m certainly a cunt, I’m not sure I’m quite at ‘massive cunt’ status yet.


What I’ve decided to do is release an e-book of stories about mental health, what it’s like to live with, how it impacts your life and the lives of those around you. Now it can’t just be my stories because most of them are here on this very site, and even I’m not arrogant enough to ask you to read a book’s worth of stuff about my life (I’m almost arrogant enough for that by the way). So what I’ve done is asked a small group of people to contribute their ‘tales’ in the hope that it’ll add a fresh perspective and dilute the overwhelming ‘Allyness’ of what I’m trying to do. Some of those who are contributing are from twitter, some are from the actual real world and some will be writing anonymously for a variety of reasons. Each of them however is articulate, talented and the odd few are actually quite good looking, more importantly they all have something of real worth to say about mental health, whether they’ve experienced its destructive power first hand or been close to someone that has.


The main aim of this little project is to show that mental illness has many manifestations and it can affect anyone at any time, hopefully it’ll also get people talking and help break the stigma that still surrounds this topic.


The book will be released on Kindle with the possibility of a print version coming later, it’ll be out in early April. I will of course be paying my writers (up front) because PAY YOUR FUCKING WRITERS, but this is a not for profit venture so any money made after I’ve covered expenses will be donated to a mental health charity, I haven’t decided which yet and I’m open to suggestions. The price isn’t finalised but it won’t be more than a couple of quid, basically if you don’t buy it you’re a terrible person, even worse than me (and I’m a cunt remember).


So, a book of stories about mental health, with the aim of helping those in need and all the profits going to charity, if that doesn’t ease this crippling guilt then nothing will. Peace, love and empathy brothers and sisters.


Ally https://twitter.com/AllorNothingMag


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