Monthly Archives: September 2012

Who or What is Lawro?

As human beings, our time upon this planet has been characterised by a desire to solve the problems, and overcome the obstacles that have appeared on our path to progression as a species. Where did we come from? Why are we here? What part are we to play in the rich history of this planet? […]

Explaining Football to an Alien

This is football. This is fiction. Or is it? Eh aye it is, probably. The other day something really quite strange happened to me, I was abducted by aliens. Now, some of what went on aboard the mothership I’m not particularly comfortable sharing at the moment (the probing, oh the relentless probing, why all the […]

How Depression Changed Me as a Football Fan

Those of you who know me in the ‘real world’ may be aware, and a few of my more regular readers may have guessed, but for the rest of you I’ll just come right out and say it. I have clinical depression. It’s not something I am ashamed of and it’s not something I make […]

Why Transfers are like Dating

For this to work I’m going to ask that you imagine the guy in the story is the club doing the buying (not in a prostitution kinda way) and the young lady is the ‘transfer target’, got it? Okay. In a scene familiar up and down the country, we find ourselves in a busy, sweaty […]