Monthly Archives: August 2012

A Wasted Talent Speaks

This is football. This is fiction. Or is it? Aye it is, probably. We’ve all had that thought, however fleeting, however improbable, it’s common in all of us as football fans. With a bit of luck, some hard work and a bit more luck, we could have ‘made it’. Problem is, 99.99% of us are […]

Playing Football Whilst High on Drugs

This is football. This is fiction. Or is it? Eh aye it is. Footballers, like many young people, take drugs. Not necessarily of the performance enhancing variety (although they very well might), no the drugs I’m referring to are what opinion piece writers would call ‘recreational’ (the rest of us just call them drugs). Now […]

A Fictional Q&A With a Fictional Footballer

This is football. This is fiction. Or is it? Eh aye it is (probably). A common complaint about modern footballers is how far removed they are from the every-day supporter. In generations past your teams ‘star man’ may have been a regular in your ‘local’, your dad might have known his dad, hell he might […]

Champions League Mind, Sunday League Job

The alarm clocks aggressive mechanical honk pierces the pre-dawn silence, its function this morning however is moot. I’ve barely slept all night, and who could blame me? For today is the day, the day I’ve been waiting for since putting pen to paper on my 12 month rolling contract. Today is the first day of […]

Inside the Mind of a Football Club Owner

This is football, this is fiction. Or is it? Eh aye it is. If you feel like giving the protagonist of this tale an American, a Middle Eastern or a Russian accent then that’ll work just fine with me. From the mind of an un-named football club owner The mistake you (the great unwashed) make […]

A Day in the Life of an Internet Troll

There is a sub section of the human species whose rank have swelled in numbers in recent times. I talk of course of the infamous ‘Internet Troll’ or ‘keyboard warrior’. But are these individuals really the bottom feeders of humanity or are they simply wholly misunderstood, delicate souls who just want to be loved? To […]